Digital problem solver with a focus on front-end development. Practiced project manager with broad project views, informed by a deep knowledge of web technologies. And a little cookbookery on the side.

Well Vegan launched in 2012 as a small hobby food blog and has transformed into a burgeoning, wellness site. Developed into brand with a best-selling book, traffic growth doubling yearly, robust and engaged email list and social media channels.

  • wordpress
  • genesis customization
  • memberful
  • woocommerce

Soleil Tech solutions designed specifically for large-scale horticultural/agricultural applications. By automating nutrient and water delivery, capturing environmental data, and controlling lights, cultivators are able to make smarter decisions in real-time to improve operational efficiencies. Together we designed and built a dashboard for comprehensive remote monitoring of the entire cultivation ecosystem. 

  • python
  • django
  • html5, sass

Ali Shapiro is is the force behind a rapidly growing health and wellness site, relaunched in Spring 2018. She needed a site built for growth and flexibility in the year to come. 

  • wordpress
  • genesis customization
  • woocommerce
  • convert kit integration

As part of a team, developed and designed a custom WordPress theme, with a WooCommerce membership platform. Responsibilities included: new technology integration, on-site conversion, UI improvements, custom email templates, page speed and mobile optimizations and consistent social media branding across all channels.


  • wordpress
  • custom theme
  • custom email templates

Ceek is a company focused on improving healthcare for women, innovating products and devices for women.  

Portland Skin Therapy

Portland Skin Therapy couples high tech and holistic skincare treatments in Portland, Oregon. Built on a Squarespace platform with Square integration for ease of maintenance by the client. 

  • squarespace
  • project management
  • content strategy

Upward Partners

Upward Partners specializes in strategic and management consulting for SMB ($5M to $100M) companies during rapid growth, fundraising, reorganization, M&A, and exit. The client needed a site to convey his services and case studies to potential clients.